Walking the Line.

Drawings: objects/experiences
Self-portrait in a copper coffeepot
2013, Prismacolor pencil on Stonehenge
Ladybug (Preciousness Series)
2013, Graphite, Prismacolor pencil on drawing vellum, gold tissue, black Stonehenge, cedar
2016 Pastel, in the big sketchbook
Life Drawing 1 (Hand)
Pastel and Conté on toned paper
Life Drawing 2 (And Foot)
Pastel on paper
Pig I
2015, Oil bar, pastel and Prismacolor pencil on polyester fabric
Ila's Planter
2013, Charcoal on Stonehenge,
Tool Drawing 2 (Hammer with Leather-covered Handle)
2013 Prismacolor pencil on pastel paper
Tool Drawing 1 (Egg-beater Drill)
2013 Prismacolor pencil on pastel paper